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Giveaway: IT HAPPENS



Now that these books with my name on them sitting between bookends on my book shelf, how about I give one away?

The description from my publisher:

It Happens: A Guide to Contemporary Realistic Fiction for the YA Reader is a comprehensive guide to matching a teen reader with the right…

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subversivegrrl asked: I never even thought of that - that once you got the starred review on S&V, that's the bar you'd want to match with your next book... think the pressure will remain with book 3? (of course, sure it will, but do you think 'not as bad' or 'even worse' bcs 2 in a row? should I stop talking now and not put EVEN MORE PRESSURE on you?)

Yeah, no matter what happens with your book reviews, you’re sweating it! 

S&V also was nominated for awards, so that’s another bar. Of course, you’d think a person would be happy for being nominated for awards, but NOOOOO. That’s not how my dumbass brain works, at least.

I want people to like my books. And read them. I freely admit that. But this can’t always happen. 

I have to remind myself that the point of this is that I get to write books. And as long as I get to write books, I’m doing okay.

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Anonymous asked: Hi there! I was just wondering if the American cover of Sex & Violence will be released in paperback anytime soon?

Yes! It’s scheduled to come out in January 2015! Don’t have a more specific date, but expect it sometime that month!